YOOOOO GOAT GANG! The number one thing that has absolutely changed my performance on the keto diet is the incorporating of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). Because your body starts to burn MCTs for fuel instantly in the liver, you get the immediate benefits of cognition and mental clarity, elevated energy levels, and increased ketone production.

If you are having trouble hitting that ideal fat macro of 75%, incorporating MCTs in your coffee, tea, or just plain water can help you smash those goals. Now there are thousands of MCT products on the market and a ton of them have awful fillers and fake ingredients in them. However, I have found my absolutely favorite MCTs from Perfect Keto and I'm stoked to let you guys know all about them!

First is Perfect Keto's MCT Oil Powder which is the only MCT oil that uses acacia fiber. Acacia Fiber is a gut-friendly probiotic and does not spike your blood sugar like other fillers found in some MCT powders do. I've been testing my blood ketones with a Keto Mojo meter and have noticed elevated ketone levels after taking Perfect Keto's MCT Oil Powder. I have been adding the powder to both my coffee in the morning as well as mixing with Perfect Keto's Collagen Protein for a meal replacement shake in the afternoon! Between those two products, I find my appetite to be absolutely crushed while my energy is through the roof.

Second is Perfect Keto's 100% C8 MCT Oil which is nothing but the most desirable of the four types of MCTs --- caprylic acid (C8). C8 is a shorter chain molecule than C10 and C12 - which means they convert into ketones much quicker and efficiently. Typically in coconut oil, only 6% of the MCTs are C8! If you haven't tried pure C8 in your coffee, oh my you are missing out!

I'm pumped that Perfect Keto has this amazing set of powerful MCTs to aid you in your quest for keto awesomeness.  

Go keto and feel great in the process.

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