Over the past year I have really fallen in love with the products coming out of the electric rideables space. The Boosted Board was my first introduction into not only electric rideables but longboards in general. Since launching my YouTube channel last year, I have been given the chance to try out electric longboards, skateboards, and scooters from all different price categories. There is no doubt that Boosted Boards have set the mark to beat in the electric longboard category - from their flexible bamboo deck to their ultra quick and powerful drivetrain. I have found that most of the Chinese-based electric skateboard companies have failed to reproduce the higher-end feel of the Boosted Board. My guess this is less to do with being able to but more to stay at a super low entry to market price. While the Boosted Board averages $1600, most the Chinese-based retailers are coming out with boards at $500, $400, and even $300! Obviously the low price comes at a quality cost - typically in the deck, wheels, and drivetrain. Recently I had the opportunity to test OWNBOARD's new offering to the space. Starting at a tolerable $389, OWNBOARD sets itself up to be a real contender not only on affordability but on features.

One of my main gripes of the cheaper electric longboards is the controller. Perhaps I am use to the ease of use of the Boosted Board and nothing for me will match that. Boosted Board has a smooth scroll wheel operation that keeps braking at a very even motion. Most of the other boards have a clunky brake wheel that causes their boards to brake ultra fast, and if you are not ready for it, you'll go flying. OWNBOARD's remote is the closest I've used to that of a Boosted Board. It allows that smooth braking that I am use to while also adding features like haptic feedback.

I also find the hub motors of the OWNBOARD to be highly responsive and allow for quicker takeoff vs the Boosted Board. Ultimately the belt drivetrain of the Boosted Board is much more powerful and will outpace the OWNBOARD, but for your average rider the OWNBOARD is plenty speedy. I will admit that Boosted Board, due to their unparalleled power, are far better for getting up steep hills. So if you live in the hills of San Francisco or the like, you might want to take that into consideration. 

Ultimately with the OWNBOARD you get an electric longboard that is 80% the build and feature offerings of a Boosted Board at 25% the price. I believe that as they continue to develop this product, that quality gap will inch even closer. Check out my YouTube video about the OWNBOARD to see it in action.

If you are ready to pull the trigger on one, use my promo code "Justin2018" and save $42 on your OWNBOARD at http://goatgang.link/ownboard