So I've heard a ton of buzz about Ketolent's keto meal replacement shakes and I had to try them out for myself! I've been a strict Keto dieter for years while also being a chocoholic and a non-breakfast person in general. I've utilized intermittent fasting to maximize fat burning and hormone regulation resulting in a rare meal before noon. While I've been able to maintain my weight fairly easy with this protocol, I've wanted to drop some extra body fat for the upcoming summer season. My thoughts were to replace my lunch time meal with a keto-friendly meal replacement shake, so I ventured out to find the best tasting on the market. I'll admit, I was a bit shocked to find so many different options in the keto meal replacement shake market! While most of the options certainly hit the appropriate keto macros of at least 75% fat, the flavors and overall taste can be all over the place. My biggest fear of a keto meal replacement shake is will it taste like chalky protein shakes and fail to give me a feeling of being full. 

Ketolent comes in unique packaging - the powder form in a resealable bag and an oil-blend in a bottle. You mix a scoop of powder with a scoop of oil in either a shake mixing bottle or my preferred method of a nutribullet. I chose to try out the chocolate for this test and when it arrived, I promptly mixed the ingredients. Often protein and meal replacement shakes when mixed with water still maintain the water consistency throughout. I found Ketolent to be a rare find that actually has a thick milk-like consistency to it. Now the taste - OMG it's wonderful. As a self-proclaimed chocolate snob, I am very critical of poor tasting chocolate desserts, supplements,  and anything with a chocolate label. Ketolent chocolate hits the mark - absolutely delicious rich chocolate milk taste that I completely look forward to.

After replacing my initial lunch with Ketolent, I found myself doing the same for dinner and then followed the same schedule the following day. That's right, I had nothing but Ketolent for 2.5 days and I never once felt hungry! I received a 30 shake package and at the end of 2 weeks it is now all GONE. I dropped 7lbs during this period and my only regret is that I didn't order another bag so I wouldn't have to go without. I'm hoping to get another bag of chocolate in soon and maybe even try out their vanilla option.

If you are interested in trying Ketolent, you can pick some up right here:

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To save even more $, go with the subscription option. Even if you decide you don't want it, they have a no B.S. refund policy. They will refund and even pay return shipping.

Check out more of my thoughts on Ketolent in my YouTube review here: