Yo fam! So I’ve been testing blood ketones for going on 3 years now and I’ve gone from the the Precision Xtra to the Keto Mojo and now the KetoCoach blood ketone meter. The two most important factors for me when choosing a blood ketone meter are accuracy and price per ketone strip. Speaking on the first point, I have found the KetoCoach to consistently have matching readings with my other blood ketone meters. Now because most of us in the keto community are testing multiple times a day, price per ketone strip is often the biggest factor. When Keto Mojo dropped a few years back with a price of .99 a strip, I thought finally we had an affordable option. However, KetoCoach came into the game with an astonishing .59 a strip! Almost a 50% savings when compared with my Keto Mojo!

A couple other notes about the KetoCoach that I love are the small amount of blood needed. I’ve on more than one occasion ruined a Keto Mojo ketone strip because I didn’t get enough blood. The KetoCoach seems to register with even the smallest of blood drops! Also the KetoCoach doesn’t require any coding so it just works with one of their individually wrapped ketone strips. Definitely saves time and potentially money if you forget to code like with the Keto Mojo.

So far I’m super impressed with the KetoCoach blood ketone meter and I can’t imagine going back to any other meter. I reached out to the team at KetoCoach and they were happy to offer a discount code to our community!

Use discount code “JUSTINBRAVO” to save tons on your KetoCoach!