YOOOOOOOO GOAT GANG!!!!!! So I've received tons of messages asking to compare Pruvit's Keto OS and Perfect Keto's Base Exogenous Ketones. Because Keto OS doesn't state how much beta-hydroxybutyrate is in their product, the only real way to know is to do a blood ketone test. What I decided to do was take a blood ketone reading with my trusty Keto Mojo before I took some of Keto OS's 3.0 Chocolate Swirl and the reading of my fiancé before she took Perfect Keto's Base. We both waited one hour after taking the readings to see how much each product raised our blood ketones. My starting reading before taking any exogenous ketones was 2.7mmol/l and my fiancé's was 3.1mmol/l.  After taking the Keto OS powder, my ketones raised up to 4.1mmol/l which is a gain of 1.4mmol/l total. After taking the Perfect Keto powder, my fiancé's ketones raised up to 5.3mmol/l which is a gain of 2.2mmol/l total. So in our findings, Perfect Keto beat out Keto OS by .8mmol/l ---- which might be in the margin for error, so perhaps not a dominating win. However when comparing the two products I found them both to have a pleasant taste and very easy to mix with just cold water. If I had to pick my favorite, I would go with Perfect Keto's Chocolate Sea Salt, but that Keto OS wouldn't fall too far behind.

If these sort of comparisons intrigue you, let me know if there is another product you'd like me to try. Until next time GOAT GANG ---- Be GREAT!

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