So I had an incredible amount of people ask me to do a follow up video and review of Pruvit's Keto OS vs Perfect Keto exogenous ketones. Specifically they wanted me to test the Keto OS MAX version of the product line. So I obtained some of Pruvit's Keto OS MAX Heart Tart Charged to pin against Perfect Keto's Peaches and Cream.

Keto OS has a "charged" variant to most of their flavors and the option adds caffeine to the mix. Pruvit does not disclose the amount of beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in it's products however, their MAX line is supposedly their highest concentration of the exogenous ketones. Perfect Keto has roughly 11.5 grams in each scoop of it's flavored ketone salts. 

Now this comparison wasn't based just on taste or feeling but rather performance. I utilized a Keto Mojo to test how much each one of the products raised the amount of beta hydroxybutyrate in our blood. Before we consumed the Keto OS and Perfect Keto, we tested our blood to get a baseline starting point. My blood tested at 1.3 mmol/l and my fiancé tested at .5 mmol/l at the start of our review. Immediately following these blood tests, I consumed the Keto OS MAX and she consumed the Perfect Keto product. We waited one hour to give the products a chance to distribute into our system. Once again we tested our blood levels with the Keto Mojo and here are the results:

My blood raised up to 3.2 mmol/l while my fiancé got bumped to 2.6 mmol/l. This equates to an overall raise for Keto OS MAX of 1.9 mmol/l and for Perfect Keto of 2.1 mmol/l. I would say that the difference between the two is within the margin of error so both products seemed to raise our blood beta hydroxybutyrate about the same. These tests also corresponded nicely with my previous test which showed a 1.4 mmol/l gain for regular Keto OS and 2.2 mmol/l for the Perfect Keto. You can read about that test here:

If these sort of comparisons intrigue you, let me know if there is another product you'd like me to try. Until next time GOAT GANG ---- Be GREAT!

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