Yo fam! I decided a few years ago to make my health a huge priority in my life. I gave up on the idea that I would naturally drift into shape the way I had drifted out of shape. I’m officially down 60 lbs of fat from that day I decided enough was enough. KETO, lifting weights, and other alternative modalities have changed me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I’ve never been one to wait till something is super mainstream to try it - I’m an early adopter and it has served me well. The latest thing I’ve found is Red Light Therapy and particularly the super portable and medical grade Joovv Go Red. I have stretch marks from both gaining tons of weight years ago and from gaining muscle from recent weight lifting. I have been consuming collagen protein in my morning coffee with great results but I really started seeing a difference when using the Joovv Go Red for 10 mins a day on each area.

Red Light Therapy helps with increase collagen, skin clarity, along with skin tone and texture. If you’ve watched my instagram stories (@justinbravo) lately, it also completely turned an intense sunburn to a nice tan overnight! The 660nm wavelengths from the Joovv Go Red also have been shown to increase testosterone production, which of course I’m hoping leads to more gains!

The Joovv Go also comes in an infrared model (definitely will be my next pickup), which penetrates a bit deeper with 850nm wavelengths and helps with muscle recovery, joint pain, and inflammation reduction. See more info and save money on your Joovv here: