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Yooooooooo GOAT Gang! As you know, I have been hitting the keto diet hard the past few months in an attempt to lean up for the summer. So far I'm down to 13% body fat from 16% - which is getting close to the leanest I have ever been. It's super exciting to be trending towards a goal and ultimately smash it. Obviously meat is a big part of my keto journey and it can be tough to find grass-fed beef in a variety of cuts locally. I discovered Butcher Box a couple months ago and I have been receiving their monthly box of delicious meats ever since. They have several different options when selecting your box. I opted for the smaller (l0 lb) box and decided to save money by letting them pick the cuts for me. I'll admit it's tough not to have control and maybe worth the extra few dollars to pick your own cuts option. However I have found letting go of control here a fun surprise every month. Also regardless of the cuts that are sent, I can always find a fun recipe to make good use of them. The box comes around the first of the month for me and everything is frozen upon arrival. Usually I am just about out of meat by that point so I throw a couple cuts in the fridge for thawing and the rest goes in the freezer. My last Butcher Box meal was a grass-fed and grass-finished filet mignon drowning in butter and avocado oil with some diced up garlic. OOOHHHH man this meat was flavorful and tender! The beef filets just about fall apart with just a fork cooked at medium rare - if this is the keto life, I'm down forever! 

Butcher Box isn't just about the beef, they also have ethically raised poultry and pork. The bacon that comes in the box is absolutely delicious and from free-ranging pigs. Lately Butcher Box has even added a wild salmon option to their offerings! It doesn't get much better than healthy meats delivered right to your door without the worry of going to the grocery. Butcher Box is currently running a promotion where you get 2lbs of wild salmon free with your first order - makes me sad that I can't take advantage of this offer (don't cry for me, I got 2 free filet mignons on their last promo) but if you are new to Butcher Box, you can get right on it!. Here is the link to that super dope deal: http://goatgang.link/butcherboxdeal

So GOAT Gang until next time, BE GREAT!   

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