Become a Pruvit Promoter / Distributor of Keto OS


Yooooo GOAT GANG!!! I started the GOAT GANG to help my friends and family find a life where they live the GREATEST OF ALL TIME (G.O.A.T.) versions of themselves. I've been an ambassador of the ketogenic diet (keto) for the past 5 years because it absolutely changed my life when it helped me drop over 50 lbs! Now back in the day when I did it, there wasn't the plethora of keto products that there are today. Products like Pruvit Keto OS, an exogenous ketone with MCTs, have made getting in ketosis so quick and painless. Keto OS can accelerate someone into ketosis in under 60 minutes without the usual pains associated with carbohydrate restriction. Because how insanely effective exogenous ketones can be, along with the extreme rise in interest in the keto diet, there has never been a better time to become a Pruvit Promoter.  




Top 5 reasons to become a Pruvit Promoter:

1. FREE Product

Pruvit has an amazing free product program where after you get 2 customers on smartship (autoship), your monthly shipment of Keto OS is FREE. Also everyone on the smartship program saves 22% on Pruvit Products.

2. Affordable Promoter Fee

Pruvit Promoters only pay $37 a year where similar companies charge annoying monthly fees of $15+

3. FREE Car Incentive

Pruvit Promoters receive an $800 a month car allowance once you reach a rank 6 (which many do) for a wide variety of luxury makes. Once you reach a rank 7 you can elect to have a $1300 a month car allowance towards any model Tesla you would like. 

4. Easy to Increase Earnings and Rank

Pruvit pays promoters on ALL volume you bring and your team brings in (up to a 11 levels).

5. Pruvit Sample Program

Pruvit has developed a 5 day and a 10 day experience program. This is where a Pruvit Promoter can sell a 5 or 10 packet sample pack to allow someone to experience the amazing benefits of Keto OS for 5 to 10 days. This is an excellent way of getting new customers and promoters to join! 


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