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Drinking alcohol on a keto (ketogenic) diet can be tough. I found a dope keto friendly option from Anyday Rosé - which they claim is the rosé cider that is perfect for today.  While it's fairly easy to find beer that works with your keto macros, wine can be a bit tougher. There are a few wine options on the market, but they demand a high price tag. Anyday Rosé comes in at $29 for an 8 pack (equivalent of 2 bottles of wine) and gets cheaper the more you buy (Check out the discount code below for more savings). They even have options for 365 cans (wow emoji).

The Nutritional Breakdown of Anyday Rosé is ideal for anyone following the keto way of eating (woe):

  • Gluten Free
  • Made with real apples
  • 125 Calories per can
  • 1 gram of sugar per can
  • 6 carbs per can

I found the taste of Anyday Rosé to be a solid mix between a cider and a wine. I think that if you are looking for either one of these at the end of a long day, Anyday Rosé will hit the spot. You can definitely taste the apples in Anyday Rosé but there isn't a strong sweetness to them. After finishing our first 8-pack, I can definitely see this being a repeated monthly order. Use code "bravo" to save 10%

Check out my full review on my YouTube channel video below: